"Last Friday night you answered my call about my chipped tooth. My own dentist had a malfunctioning answering machine and I couldn't reach him. I thank you for answering my call and for giving me advice. You also were available to see me on Monday. Thank you for being kind and generous to a complete stranger. You are in many ways an asset to our community"
- Mary Z.

"Thank you for allowing us to send our patients with dental abscesses to your office. This has been so important to their healthcare. We appreciate the effort it has taken to include them in your schedule. Your willingness to help our patients continues to fill a gap in their healthcare. Again we thank you for sharing your time and skills to aid our patients."
- A Community Clinic, Inc. - Quality Healthcare for the Uninsured
Sunbury, PA

"Thanks to you and your wonderful staff. You have given me confidence and self esteem. If a person thinks they can't afford to come to you, tell them my story. I love you and all of your staff, Dr. Robinson and I thank you. Thanks for everything."
- Peggy D.

"You are all an answer to prayer - one I thought I might not find. I feel 95 to 100% improved and can finally look forward to life and tomorrow. God truly blesses you in your work. Thank you for your time and care."
- Danielle B.

"Sending heartfelt thanks your way. You have restored my confidence in ways that are unimaginable. Being able to chew again is northing short of a miracle and I owe it all to you, Dr. Robinson, for your diligent work, your professionalism, and that of your lab's as well as your wonderful staff's support and confidence of me. The numerous compliments I have received on my smile and laughter are nothing short of a miracle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"
- Phyllis S.

"Thank you so much for sending the pictures of Ryan and for taking such good care of him. When I got home from work he was bouncing and jumping around and had no complaints at all about his mouth or his trip to the dentist. I have always said that in life you need to pick good doctors and dentists. I am very happy that our family found you when we moved to Lewisburg. Thanks again"
- Jeanne R.